Planning Process of a Classroom Podcast New and Exciting Part 2 Setting Up a Classroom Podcast

A classroom podcast is still a brilliant idea. Diving right into the planning process is the best option. Once the ball gets rolling on the planning process, the steps become easy to follow, and your podcast will come together.

Planning Process a Classroom Podcast 4

Step #1 Develop Your Concept

Developing your podcast concept is the most critical step and can be the most time-consuming. As the teacher, you can provide guidance as I did with “The Middles.” If you haven’t seen my 1st podcast blog on setting up a student-led podcast, check it out! 

Is a Classroom Podcast a Good Idea? Setting Up a Student-Led Classroom Podcast

“The Middles” Planning Process Step #1

The concept, “The Middles”, came up with fits them and their vision. 

Goal: They can share their interest while pouring into others. 

Theme: TIps and Tricks for Middle Schoolers

Name: Kids Rock Podcast

Motto: Kids Rocking at Life Everyday!

Classroom Example Planning Process Step #1

Goal: Archive classroom learning

Theme: Share the content taught in the classroom in a fun and engaging way.

Name: All-Star Student Podcast

Motto: Learning in Action!

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Step #2 Chooce Your Podcast Format

There are several podcast formats. The theme and goal of the podcast will determine the format that meets the planned concept’s needs. 

Formats Include:

  • Interview
  • Cohosted
  • Scripted Non-Fiction
  • News Recap
  • Scripted Fiction
  • Educational

“The Middles” Planning PRocess Step #2

“The Middles” felt the overall format for their podcast should be a co-host structure with multiple episode formats. However, we did realize that coming up with episode ideas allowed them to examine and determine the best episode format that fits their view. 

Their ideas included:

  • Product Reviews
  • Tips for Studying 
  • Tips for balancing academics and extra-curriculum
  • Trying out and making the team vs. Trying out and not making the team
  • Interviews: Middle School Parents, Middle School Teachers, and High Schoolers

Classroom Example Planning Process Step #2

A co-host format would make the most sense in a classroom where there will only be one podcast where the entire class works together. Episode ideas can include an educational format for book reviews, scripted non-fiction for classroom content to use as “study guides,” News Recap to share classroom and school news, and Interview of teachers, parents, and local business owners.

Step #3 Setup Your Recording Booth and Equipment

Planning Process for a Classroom Podcast 1

Setting up your recording booth is an easy step. I have created fun and easy-to-read recording booth posters that can be printed and attached to a block tri-fold poster. By attaching the signs to the tri-fold, it allows you to have the flexible to move your recording space as needed. 

“The Middles” Planning PRocess Step #3

Planning Process for a Classroom Podcast 2

“The Middles” have a Maono Set with two microphones, two headphones, and an audio interface. They use these items with a laptop and a phone. They made the decision to learn more about podcasting equipment and invested their money into a equipment bundle to get started. 

Classroom Example Planning Process Step #3

Deciding on equipment can seem overwhelming. However, if you have a tight budget, you can start by exploring options at your school. You can use an iPad or iPhone with an app or a laptop with a built-in microphone to get started.

The best option for a microphone has a UBS plug, so it can be plugged directly to laptop. This is a great option for a classroom microphone. Blue Snow Ball Microphone. Headphones are additional equipment that is helpful but optional.

Step #4 Choose Software

There are many options for recording and hosting (sharing). Most have free or limited expense options. 


  • Boss Jack (app for apple device no laptop/PC needed)
  • Garage Band (app for apple device)
  • Anchor (Can record on a phone or device and upload to Anchor)
  • Audacity
  • Soundtrap

Hosting/Sharing Software

  • Anchor (Can upload straight to Spotify)
  • Libsyn
  • Buzzsprout
  • Soundcloud

“The Middles”Planning Process Step #4

“The Middles” played around with several of the recording programs. They liked Boss Jack and Garage Band apps. They began playing around with various computer software programs. They narrowed down their choices for recording to Anchor and Audacity because they are using a computer and additional equipment. They shared they were both easy to use because there are many videos to take you through the steps. They ended up deciding to go with Anchor

Classroom Example Planning Process Step #4

Choosing software for your classroom is a personal choice. You need to explore the options and decide based on your comfort level with the software . For older students, they can explore the software and decide what they like the best. 

Planning Process for a Classroom Podcast 3
Planning Process: Setting Up the Equipment

“The Middles” will continue on their student-led podcast journey by recording their intro and outro, and their first epsiode. Stay tuned for our next part in our podcast journey!

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