Launch Your Classroom Podcast Part 6

All your hard work has come together to launch your classroom podcast. At this time in your classroom podcast journey, you have completed steps #1-7. You have gone through all the planning steps. Now you are on your last step, step #8, launch your podcast. You are ready to launch your classroom podcast and have others enjoy your episodes.

Launch Your Classroom Podcast

As you worked through the steps, you introduced podcasts to your students and became familiar with the various types of podcasts. As a result, you have been able to refine your vision and create a podcast that is unique to your classroom and students. Here is my complete classroom podcast bundle.

Podcast DevelopMent Outline

Step 1 DEvelop Your Podcast Concept

You have developed your podcast concept. You have defined your goal and theme. You have named your podcast and come up with your motto. 

Classroom Podcast Planning Process Part 2 Blog Post

Launch Your Classroom Podcast Planning Process

Step 2 Choose Your Podcast Format

You have chosen your overall podcast format and defined your individual episodes.

Step 3 Setup Your Podcast Recording Booth and Equipment

You have decided on your podcast recording equipment and set up your recording booth. Check out my recording booth posters.

Launch Your Classroom Podcast Recording Booth

step 4 Choose Your Podcast Software

You have chosen your podcast software.

Launch Your Classroom Podcast Equipment

Step 5 Create your Intro and Outro

You have created your intro and outro for your individual episodes.

Launch Your Classroom Podcast Jingle and Intro

Step 6 Plan and record Your First episode

You have planned and recorded your first episode.

Creating Your Classroom Podcast 3

Step 7 Create Podcast Cover Art

You have created your podcast cover art and the cover art for your 1st episode.

Launch Your Classroom Podcast Cover Art

NOW launch Your Classroom Podcast

It is very exciting to launch your classroom podcast. You can start with a “grand opening”. A “Grand Opening” allows you to :

  • Build Hype and Excitement
  • Reach More Audiences
  • Boost Engagement
  • Build Relationships

Pick a date and begin planning your “Grand Opening.”

How to Promote Your “Grand Opening”:

  • Posters throughout the school
  • Advertise on the school news
  • Share with families through newsletters and emails
  • Make flyers for students to share

Your “Grand Opening’ can be a launch party in your classroom. You can invite

  • admin
  • teachers
  • students
  • parents
  • families

Launch Party Stations for the Guest

For launch parties, you can setup stations for your guest to rotate through and your students can be in charge of sharing the podcast information with them. For the stations, students can sign up for the station that they are most interested in.

Podcast Process Stations

You can setup podcast process stations. These stations allow your guests to rotate through and learn all about the process. Your students can sign up to share a part of the podcast process and how their classroom podcast was planned and formed.

PoDcast Job Stations

You can also setup stations for each of the podcast classroom jobs. These stations allow your guests to rotate through and learn about the job that make and keep your classroom podcast going.

Using stations at your launch party allows all students to have choice in what they share and have a meaningful part of the party.

Listening to Your First Episode

After sharing the podcast process, jobs and your recording space it is time to share your first podcast episode. With everyone there, listen to the episode together. Once you have shared your episode at your launch party, you launch it on podcast platforms if you would like, share it on a private or public youtube channel, or share through a shareable drive.


Getting feedback is very important for your podcast and your students. In my complete classroom podcast set, I have included various feedback forms in print and digital formats.

  • Podcast Episode Feedback
  • Future Epsiode Survery
  • Self-Reflection Survey

This classroom podcast journey has been a lot of fun! Thank you for being part of it! I will continue to keep you updated on our journey with “The Middles” and their podcast.

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