Creating Your Classroom Podcast~ The Exciting Steps Part 3

Creation Part of the Planning Process

This is one of the most exciting parts of the planning process. Steps 2, 3, and 4 have been completed, so you can dive into the creative steps of creating your classroom podcast. 

The podcast format has been decided on. The recording booth posters have been printed, and the portable recording booth has been set up. The equipment has been chosen and arranged for the best recording environment. The software has been picked out. Now is the time to get to the creative part. 

If you have not read about our journey through steps 2, 3, and 4, check out Planning Process of a Classroom Podcast New and Exciting Part 2.

We have continued on “The Middles” podcating journey and with the classroom examples that will help you plan, set up, and create your very own classroom podcast.

“The Middles” were introduced at the beginning of this journey. Check out Part 1 of our Student Led Podcast to learn more about them and this exciting adventure.

classroom podcast setting up student led podcast 2
“The Middles”~ Emma, Jack, and Vaeh

#5 Create Your Intro and Outro

The templates for the Intro and the Outro are included in my Setting Up A Classroom Podcast Template and Recording Booth Posters Bundle.

The Intro will start with the podcast name, the motto/goal of the podcast and introducing the host(s). To turn the intro template into a recordable intro, you must decide on a jingle or sound effect. There are several websites where you can check out royalty-free sounds and jingle. Your jingle should be aligned with your podcast goal, theme, and motto.

“The Middles” #5 Intro

Creating Your Classroom Podcast 2

“The Middles” began by exploring Soundstripe and Audio Jingle. The girls wanted more “girly” music, and Jack reminded them it needed to fit the whole podcast’s theme. They listened to at least 20 jingles before they started to feel they found the sound they were looking for. Once they narrowed it down to four separate jingles that they felt would work, they began practicing their Intro with each jingle. They were able to agree on a jingle that was the best fit for them. 

“The Middles” practiced with their intro template and their jingle. At this time, they got on the apple podcast app and began listening to several of their favorite podcast intros. They wanted to make sure their wording was expressing the important parts like other podcasts do in their intros. 

Creating Your Classroom Podcast 3

Classroom Example #5 Intro

If you create one classroom podcast, you can survey your students on what they feel is the best type of jingle to fit your podcast theme. 

Also, you can decide on three or four jingles to present to your class and have them vote on their favorites. 

These are tips to allow your students to have a choice and a say in the planning while you can control the environment to make the time productive and allow all students to be involved.

Step #5 Outro

The work on the intro will make putting together your outro go smoothly and quickly. You will use the same jingle and wording for the name, motto, and host(s) as in the Intro. Therefore, it is essential to practice the intro and outro. The biggest focus for the outro will be how to wrap up the epsiode and preview as well as build excitement for the next epsiode.

“The Middles” Step #5 Practicing INtro and Outro

“The Middles” practiced their Intro and Outro using their jingle and the template they created. They spent time reviewing the intro and outro using their equipment to get familiar with the sounds, the equipment, and how they needed to project their voices. This was an excellent opportunity for them to learn the equipment and software. They figured out how far they needed to be away from the microphone for it to be the best quality sound. “The Middles” are very different in tone and volume of their voice, so the placement of the microphone is different for each.

Classroom Examples Step #5 Practicing Intro and Outro

Once the intro and outro templates have been completed, it is a good idea to make several copies so students can practice putting their names and episode name in the intro and outro. Rehearsing the script is essential for all students, not just kids struggling with public speaking or reading. The more familiar they are with the script, the better they will sound.

Step #6 Planning and Recording Episode 1

Recording Intro

The first episode will be the launching episode. Next, you need to work on sharing your plan for your podcast, hype it up and get people excited about your upcoming season. Then, as suggested in Step #2, Choosing your podcast format, and make a list of episode ideas. This will allow you to pick the correct episode format and plan for the podcast season. Scripts are essential for a student podcast to be successful and productive.

Best Script Practices

*Confirm podcast format is the best option for your material

*Check for a variety and appropriate subject vocabulary

*Keep it simple

*Do a practice run of the script

*Do a dry run with the recording devices in the recording booth

“The Middles” Step #6 Episode 1

“The Middles” decided to record the first episode with all three hosting together. They focused on introducing themselves and sharing their interests and personalities so their audience could get to know them. They all shared episode ideas for the kid to host those future episodes. They also included a survey to collect thoughts from their audience for episode ideas.

Classroom Example Step #6 Episode 1

For the classroom podcast, you need to focus on introducing the podcast and the goal for the season. For example, you can share topics you plan to cover, possible people you plan to interview, or share the various episode formats they will hear.

You do not want to focus on introducing all students but instead on the class and the podcast’s theme. The goal is to be a team that works together. You want all your students to feel a part of the team.

Exciting things ahead. I will be sharing our process with recording the first episode and planning the launch party. Thank you for coming on this journey with us!

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