Creating Exciting Podcast Cover Art Part 5

We are going to dive into the step of creating exciting podcast cover art. Each step is fun and brings new experiences. The podcast cover art is another area to engage very more students. Each step has unique components and connects with different students. It is exciting to roll out each step and see your students come alive with each one. Creating the podcast cover art is no different.

Creating Exciting Podcast Cover Art

For those just now jumping into our journey to create a classroom/ student-led podcast, you should start with Part 1: Is a Classroom Podcast a Good Idea?

Podcast Cover Art

When creating and designing the cover art, remember that it is the first thing your listeners see. Therefore, the cover art for the entire podcast needs to communicate the overall goal of your podcast. There is no need for podcast imagery because it’s a podcast cover, so everyone knows it for a podcast.

Tips for Creating Podcast Cover Art

  • Focus on your content and goal
  • Artwork needs to stand out.
  • Thing about your audience and what appeals to them.
  • Don’t use too many words.
  • Use easy-to-read fonts. Even though decorative fonts are cute, they can be hard to read.
  • Colors are a great way to convey your message.
  • No need to use podcast images.

Cover art Options

For a classroom podcast, you have the option to make digital or paper versions. This is up to your class and your classroom resources.

Digital Options

Here are free digital options. My personal choice is Canva. It is free, with easy templates to create covers.

  • Canva
  • Adobe Spark
  • Snappa

Paper Options

Setting Up Your Classroom Podcast Paper Version

The paper option is easy. Students can use paper with colored pens, crayons, or markers. You can use the template included in my Setting Up A Classroom Podcast Complete Bundle.

Classroom Example for Creating Exciting Podcast Cover Art

Whether you take the paper or digital route, it is a great idea to have an a classroom contest to determine your classroom podcast’s overall cover art. Display your goals, motto, and name for students to see. Give them an opportunity the brainstorm and plan. Once they have a chance, start your contest. It is fun to post or share them anonymously and allows teachers and admin to vote on their favorite.

“The Middles” for Creating Exciting Podcast Cover Art

Creating Exciting Podcast Paper Cover Art

As suggested for the classroom, “The Middles” started with the paper copy. They wanted an opportunity to play around with their thoughts. Each of “The Middles” submitted their designs then they had a discussion. They started with one thing they liked about each of their designs then they moved to the computer. They used Canva to create together. They compiled what they liked about each of their designs. Then they took a break. Two days later, all three of them worked through the design. After that design time, they were happy with their cover art. Like with any group of kids, it is important to allow all voices to be heard.

Creating Exciting Podcast Cover Art for Each Episode

The fun part of podcast cover art is typically, you have one design for the entire podcast, but you can have a different design for each episode. This can be a simple process if this is not something you want to do for each episode. You can use your original podcast cover, and just updates it with the episode title. If you have a more artisitic group then you can allow your students to create a cover per episode.

“The Middles” creating Cover Art for each EPISODE

Creating Exciting Podcast Digital Cover Art

“The Middles” love having the opportunity to create episode covers for their various episodes. They can add parts of their personalities and express their creative sides. They use Canva as it is a free, user-friendly platform. Also, since it is saved on a cloud, they can work on it wherever they are.

We truly hope you have enjoyed being on this student-led podcast journey with us. We are exciting to continue with the last couple of steps before we will be in the routine of our 1st season. Happy Podcasting!

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