3 Big Tips to Motivate Students For Testing

Is it important to motivate students for testing? The short answer, yes. 

It’s testing time! No one enjoys those words, whether you are a teacher, student, or parent. No matter your views on testing, emotions are heightened during testing time. The feelings range from annoyance to excitement and everything in between. Here are some tips for motivating students for testing.

Motivate Students for Testing

#1 Stay Calm and Positive In the Classroom

Be prepared

Review with your students. Don’t rely on just paper study guides with many standardized questions. Instead, use games and interactive activities to review with your students. This will help your students to be more confident and less anxious.

Practice Relaxation Techiques

Deep breathing, meditation, or visualization exercises can help you and your students relax and focus your mind.

Stay positive

Focus on maintaining a positive attitude and encourage your students to do the same. Work with students to avoid negative self-talk. For example, remind your students, instead of telling themselves that they can’t do it, to remind themselves of what they have accomplished and their skills.

Take breaks

Emotions run high, and taking breaks from reviewing materials and getting ready for testing is important. It is always a good idea to build in small “brain breaks” throughout the day. I use mindful activities, dancing, and stretching.

#2 Communication and Partnership with Families

You can’t control parents feeling about testing; however you can build a bridge to support your students postively.


Show your students the partnership between you and their family. The relationship between family and teacher should be more than discipline or failing grades. Your students need to know that you and their family work together for them to be the best version of themselves.


Make sure you share the schedule with families, and include information about lunch, schedule changes, and building hours for parents. Do not rely on parents to read or hear the school’s announcements.

Don’t forget

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Have a good breakfast
  • Do something you really enjoy each evening.

#3 MOTIVATIONAL Testing Resources for your Classroom

Motivational testing posters, bookmarks, candy and snack labels, and water bottle labels can effectively motivate students during testing and maintain a positive learning environment. By incorporating positive affirmations and encouraging messages into these items, students can feel supported and inspired as they work through the testing process.

Motivational Testing Posters

Most teachers have motivational posters in their classrooms, but students have seen them all year. Several years ago, I realized it was essential to change my signs. My students noticed the change and actually read them during testing.

Motivational Testing Bookmarks

Motivational Testing Bookmarks

Start each morning off with a motivational bookmark. I have created these Positive and “Punny” Bookmarks.Each bookmark contains an uplifting message or quote that promotes positive thinking and a growth mindset. Print on cardstock, cut, and go! Your students will love them! There are 30 designs with color and black & white for coloring. Check out my motivational testing bookmarks.

Motivational Testing Candy/Snack Labels

Motivational Testing Candy/Snack Labels

 Start each morning off with a motivational candy with these adorable labels. There are 26 designs for 13 candies/snacks, with 2 designs per snack. Print on cardstock, cut, and match the corresponding snack or candy. Check out my motivational testing candy/snack labels.

Motivational Testing Water Bottle Labels

Motivational Testing Water Bottle Labels

Small water bottles are always a great thing to give your students. I have created fun and motivational labels. This is a straightforward way to give your students extra confidence. There are 32 designs. Check out my motivational testing water bottle labels.

Motivational Testing Coloring Sets

 It is always exciting for your students to come in for the day and find a coloring sheet on their desks. These coloring sheets make great morning work and for after testing. Each page has a positive and fun message. There is a variety of themes that all your students will enjoy. 

Take Care of Yourself

During testing, time is the most critical time to care for yourself. Being positive and calm is for more than just your students. Check out my blog on self-care tips for teachers.

Motivating your students for testing is essential, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be fun. These small gestures can make a big difference in the overall testing experience for students and can lead to improved performance and a more positive attitude toward testing in general.

Happy Motivating Your Students!

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