12 Benefits of Using Boom Card Decks in Any Classroom

What is Boom Learning? What are Boom Card Decks? Why are they so amazing?

Benefits of Using Boom Card Decks

Boom Learning is an online platform that allows teachers to purchase and/or create digital activities. Boom “decks” are made of individual task cards. Boom cards are perfect for any classroom. The flexibility of Boom card decks is amazing. Whether you teach in person, distance learning, early elementary, upper elementary, or middle school, Boom cards are the perfect for you and your students. There are so many amazing Boom card benefits.

Benefits of Boom Learning

#1 Interactive learning

Boom cards offer interactive learning experiences that engage students and make learning more fun. Boom cards can include in drag and drop, fill in the blank, multiple choice, open response, sounds clips, and teaching components.

#2 Immediate feedback with self-checking

Boom cards provide immediate feedback, allowing students to correct their mistakes and learn from them.

#3 Differentiation

Boom cards offer the ability to differentiate instruction, providing students with personalized learning experiences. Teachers are able to assign various decks to different students.

#4 Convenience

Boom cards can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making them a convenient tool for teachers and students. They can be used at school for centers, independent work or practice, at home for homework, or extra practice that parents can use.

Benefits of Using Boom Card Decks

What you Need to Use Boom Card Decks:

  • Computer, or device- apple, android, or Kindle
  • Internet browser or the free Boom app
  • Free or paid account
  • Internet connection

#5 Time-saving

Boom cards save teachers time by automating grading and tracking student progress. Once you have created or purchased your Boom cards they become permanent part of Boom library.

#6 Cost-effective

Boom cards are an affordable alternative to traditional classroom materials, saving teachers money on printing costs and other classroom supplies. You have the option of free or paid account. The paid accounts are very afforable and give you some many options for using the data in your classroom.

free account, you have two options

  • Fast Play Link- students don’t sign in, but doesn’t include reports for students
  • Hyperlink Play- students log in and includes reports for student

Paid Account

  • Affordable
  • Get reports-student progress and activity
  • Assign students multiple decks
  • Create a classroom of student logins

#7 Versatility

 Boom Cards are versatile and can be used to teach a wide range of subjects and skills, from math and science to social studies and language arts. They are not limited to early elementary students. Boom card decks can be assigned for all grades, in all setting, with all subjects.

#8 Randomize Card Play & Playable Previews

12 benefits of using boom card decks 2

Boom card decks have the option of a playable preview that allows you to preview the practice and what the students will experience using the Boom card deck. There is also the randomize card play that allows your students to use them again but in a completely different order as well as a different order than their classmates.

#9 Accountability

I love the accountability piece of Boom cards for independent practice. It gives you and your students feedback on how they are doing on the practice and how many attempts it took to complete each question. Having these features in place create easy and consistent accountable for students.

#10 Paperless

Paperless is music to my ears!! I love when I don’t have to print something then go to the copier (probably wait in line), make copies, pass them out, take them back up, grade them to provide feedback and then get them back to my students. WOW!! That is a lot of work for one assignment!! Boom card decks are paperless so no printing, coping, passing out, taking back up, grading, providing feedback, and finally get it back to your students.

#11 No Prep when purchasing “decks”

Purchasing your boom card decks on TPT are easy. Here are the easy steps to go from selecting your set on TPT to using them on your Boom Learning account.

  • Search on TPT for the boom cards in the area your students need practice in. Here is one of the Boom Card Decks I have have created and are available on TPT 5th Grade Math Boom Cards for Everything Decimals
  • Purchase boom card deck(s). Check out like a normal TPT purchase. 
  • Download your purchase- open the PDF
  • You will find links to the Boom card deck or decks. Click each link, one at time, to add the deck to your Boom Library. 
  • **Once you add decks, the are always in your Boom Library**

#12 Fun and Engaging

Finally, Boom Cards are simply fun and engaging, making learning an enjoyable experience for students of all ages.

Boom card decks are amazing and changed my classroom and the experience for me and my students. Check out my various Boom card decks.

If you have an idea for a deck of Boom Cards, I would be happy to create them for you! You can test them for me and receive the final version free of charge as a thank you! Email Kate Anderson-Ellis at obsessivecompulsiveteachingk8@gmail.com.

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